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Re: K-5 ii vs OMD - EM5 test at the camera store

DaveP E1 wrote:


This thread has skewed me in the direction of K-5 ii vs OMD as I don't really have much of an Oly lens investment and the K-5 means buying into older technology with the lack of Olympus support down the road looming. Granted I'm missing the great Oly lens lineup but the Pentax lineup is more than satisfactory. The main advantage of the OMD setup was weight/portability. On the other hand I saw the K-5 / 18-135 as a cost effective simple 1 lens solution for the upcoming trip with a clear upgrade path down the road. Also, the Pentax K30 was thrown into the mix as bargain alernative to the K-5 ii.

My trip to the camera store went as such. I first asked to test the OMD-EM5. The salesman was very high on this camera & I was handed the 12-50 kit. I had no problem with the viewfinder, or handling, although I was aware I was looking trough an EVF. There may even be a little lag as I panned around the store. The build quality was great but I thought that the function dials were more for the classic look rather than functional. I took a bunch of shots at all focal lengths, may have failed to autofocus once, but was pleased.

Then asked to see the K-5 ii - even though I pre-called , they didn't have one to show me - was at their other store. Then I saw the K30 kit on the shelf , an 18-55 I think, and asked to see it. But told them I really wanted the 18-135 kit. They had a loose 18-135 on the shelf and paired it up for me. I have to say the build quality of the 18-135 is at least on par with the Olympus HQ lenses. The build on the K30 is adequate but no E-1. The K30/18-135 felt perfect in my hands, all the buttons were in the right places and the grip was phenomenal - the ergonomics were superb. The viewfinder is large and bright and the first shutter release (maybe it was the sound) got my blood boiling. I was firing off shots rapidly in every direction and was amazed at the laser sharp images and instant AF lock-in at all focal lengths. The dealer was ready to bundle the K30 & 18-135 for $1099. This setup will provide some weight advantages and will make a nice sinlge lense walk-around. Can now afford wide angle lense to compliment the setup.

The downside to the K30 is low battery life ( 410 shots ) as part of the battery compartment is dedicated to AA batteries. On the other hand the AA option could be a lifesaver on a trip to remote parts of the earth.

Much thanks to everyone on your input.

I'm following this debate with interest as SWMBO is thinking of upgrading her P30n and I was looking at the K30 with 18-135mm - small, light, easy to handle, and good results. Thank you for your quick review of the package. This however will not get you the long telephoto end and if reach is important you need a dual lens kit of 18-55 & 55-300. I think on a trip like this you do need the functionality of the zooms. The K5ii is out of our budget but may be in yours.

The E-5 (or E-620 for small size) with the 12-60 + 50-200 +1.4x (2x) will give you more reach and optically better (for a price). Your E-1 becomes a backup when you have the ability to take two bodies. If I already had some investment in 4/3rd this would be convincing for me.

The EM-5 with 12-50 & 75-300 gives you the spread, maybe with the 45/1.8 to overcome the f6.3 of the kit zoom at its long end. The 300 end of the long zoom is also poor at light gathering but remember this is 600mm effective focal length. There is no substitute for getting an otherwise unobtainable shot. This is the best you can get for small and light but all 3 options each have their own complling reasons. I shall watch the rest of the debate with interest.

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