Mom's with Cameras killing your business?

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Wrong question

The intent of your question is good, but it is too narrow.  It is more than MWAC - it is also the growth of many skill enthusiasts and people that may have done it professionally full time or part time in the past and now do it part time/moonlight. It is a free market people.

The issue is not unlike any other business: commoditization.  Due to many factors, certain sectors of the business have become a commodity.  Argue whatever causes you want - cheap HQ cameras, automation, online services, lower barriers to get higher technical quality, easier for people to learn skills than in my day when experimenting took lots of film and developing, person to person training, and so on.

The fact is, not every part of the business has or is going the way of commoditization.  Why do you think IBM sold off its PC business?  Not because it made inferior PCs and laptops  - but because they became a low margin commodity.  We in the this business need to think the same - if you want to be in a commodity business, then compete like you are in one - you can succeed with quick nickles but you'll have to be a lot smarter to win- competing in a commodity space is brutal - but it can be done.

The points made on this thread are very good - major portions of the business have or are becoming commoditized - and those who fail to see that are doomed as that trend, in those sectors, will continue unabated and might even bleed into new sectors.  Always watch the trends.

So its rather simple, decide. Decide if you are going to compete in a commoditized sector or one that isn't, or some combination of the two, but don't put your head in the and and pretend it isn't happening or bitch about it - it just is.


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