Any way to set AF Fine Tune more than +20 on a D800?

Started Feb 20, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Any way to set AF Fine Tune more than +20 on a D800?

Hi Ryan

totally agree with others that at this time, you have to go to Nikon if you need more than +20/-20.

Same happened to my D800 that I had to take 3 times to their lab. I strongly recommend that you give them the body and all of your lenses he second time it came back to me, all of my lenses were totally out except the one I sent with the D800!!!

I am still hoping that Nikon will be able to do what Canon and other brand have been done for some time already and will allow more than one single value of AF Tune for Zoom lenses! That does not making sense to pay big money to buy a zoom that can only be sharp at one focal... I have AF tune mine at 200 but it is quiet bad at 70. The lab was not able to make any of my zoom good on the whole range. They are choosing a 'middle' value for acceptable results...

Have fun


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