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Re: New Nex 3N

D Cox wrote:

Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

I read the release info on DPreview. I did not see them mention a price.

Does anyone know the price of this camera?


There is no single price, it will vary in different countries and from different dealers. But it will be close to the previous NEX 3s.

This is the entry model and it must be priced accordingly. I envy anyone who starts out in photography with one of these.

With the old sensor (same as F3 / 5N), old LCD screen, no accessory port, no wireless, etc. I'll bet they are trying to keep this the costs way down on this one. This will give more separation from the 5 series, and I'd guess Sony is hoping to scoop up lots of low-end point-and-shoot upgraders. They'd hope that some portion of people that buy in cheap will pick up an extra lens or two and then hey - it makes sense to step up to a 5 or 6 series next because you've already got some lenses.

If I didn't already have the RX100, I'd maybe think about this one with the 16-50 pancake as my carry-in-the-work-bag-everyday camera.

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