Just bought a D800 - any tips!

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Re: Just bought a D800 - any tips!

Hi Melvil

Congrats! I suggest that you attach the AF to the AF-On button only (menu A4=AF-ON only). It did help improving the overall number of good pictures vs bad ones. The D800 looks much more sensitive to movement than my previous cameras. That is probably why several people are saying that is mainly a studio camera!

It is true that with a tripod, using LiveView under good lights, you will get tremendous results, but it is very usable outside.

As said, it is more difficult to get all photos good, mainly under limited lights condition and cloudy days. The AF is sometimes acting strangely and might look inconcistent (you can find sveral posts around that) but  I am convinced that you will love that body.

Also, AF-tune all of our lenses. They might behave differently from other bodies on the D800 which for most, look to have been calibrated 'randomely'  

Hope this helps


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