Pagefile size on system w/256gb ssd and 32GB RAM?

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Re: SSD almost full

Chris Noble wrote:

glasswave wrote:

I have just put together a new system build (Win7x64, lga 2011 i7 3930 six core, 32gb ram, Samsung 830 256GB ssd, gtx660ti).

What I am wondering is how big I should set my pagefile size. I know its generally best just to let windows manage it (which makes it usually about = to RAM), but I am a little cramped for space.

What is taking so much space on the SSD? Mine is half full. Are all your data files on the HDD? Do you have a lot of old programs or files in your Downloads folder? Do you run Disk Cleanup periodically?

I was wondering the same thing: a fresh install of Win7 and all of my programs installed takes me only halfway on a 120GB drive!

To the OP, what version of Win7 did you install?  The Pro and Ultimate versions are very capable OS, RAM and virtual memory management wise.  Generally I would not suggest moving a pagefile to HDD especially when you have an SSD as the OS drive.  Windows will always access it, whether it needs it or not, but that will create a bottleneck in your whole system.  It is like having a sports car and drip-feeding it fuel through a straw.

The last point that I want to make is that bothering with the pagefile was required when the HDD size and speed was at a premium.  You don't seem to be having that problem.  I would strongly recommend that you leave only essential OS files and programs on the SSD and move your data to the HDD, leaving your OS to manage the pagefile.  Whether it is 32GB or not, the OS can do a much better job of maintaining the system automatically and adjust the pagefile size.


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