Short video shot entirely wit RX100

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Re: Short video shot entirely wit RX100

Rchan wrote:

MichalLeder wrote:

I also keep my camera in my pocket. However, when I was in Washington DC recently, I wished I had a camera strap. Can you tell me where did you got yours? When walking about town, it would be so much easier to just take pictures and be secured. Thanks.

In Poland where I live the RX100 is sold for a longer time in a package together with leather bag/casing and a dedicated strap. Wasn't sold in such set in your case?

Well darn that doesn't help me :-). Unfortunately, no such strap was included with my RX100. The only strap was for the wrist. Oh well, I will keep looking. I don't want a case, just a strap. Keep up your work on video. You have a good "eye".


I think it's great that your daughter is interested in film development.

Actually we were playing this time with B&W paper development only. I am hoping that this event will leave a trace in her mind

Of course, that's all we had when I started dabbling in photography as a hobby, but I'm glad that things are digital now. Things are much easier, but on the hand, we're losing the great photographic paper that were more available in the past. Good for her and good for you!

In fact I have returned to the stuff after 8 years of covering with dust. Thanks for greetings, I will pass them!

I'm enjoying my RX100. Maybe she can enjoy yours too

ATM she uses Samsung S760, but 7th birthday is coming, so we think about upgrade :-D. But RX100 is too big deal for this age.

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