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Re: A lot of money, but worth it if you have the performance

headfirst wrote:

azoele wrote:

Now, my only question is: considering how good Nikon's and Canon's 500/4 are: what really justifies the price of the Sony 500/4SSM?

well, from what I've seen the 500/4 G SSM is stunning so let's assume that it's at least comparable in performance terms.

after that I fear that it's just a nos. game where Sony don't expect to sell enough to benefit from economies of scale in terms of production yet would like to claw back as much of the R&D costs as possible. By contrast Canon & Nikon know that they have the demand to tool up & order parts in larger, more economic quantities.

I'm pretty sure that the G was designed as a "halo" product rather than one that was genuinely expected to turn a profit even at $13k.

I agree with you.
And yet, I think this is a case of a "dog biting at its own tail", as we say: Sony doesn't expect to sell top-end equipment, so they don't make it. Customers do not commit to the system because they do not see it evolving and filling the higher niches. Eventually, both lose...

I own pretty nice Nikon equipment (D4, 200/2, 1.4 lenses), and yet, I have always been tempted by Sony. Ergonomics, mainly, and colours (and some issues with Nikon...). Ever since I held a A900 in my hand. But while I could move seamlessly to Canon, meaning: Pro fast body, fast 200mm, and chances to buy other exotic teles & tilt & shift lenses, Sony offers (for a price...) a much narrower set up. And some of the (very expensive) lenses available (70-200, 35 1.4) are markedly behind the competitors.

I think that if Sony had a more rounded up line, then price would be less of an issue for lots of people, and you'd see much more confidence and interest in higher end equipment.


Although, truth be told: the repair service must be up to par once you step into that territory, meaning a SPS to balance CPS & NPS... but that's an entirely different story.

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