Mini review of LX7

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Mini review of LX7

So my LX7 finally arrived today and I was able to put it through some initial tests. I was immediately impressed by the weight and feel of the camera. It appears to be very well made and was exactly what I was hoping for. I used the neck strap with it today and that worked well but in the end I put a wrist strap on it instead. It is just more pocket able that way and easier to handle. I bought an auto lens cap and put that on and it works very well. It didn't negatively affect using the aperture ring either. Speaking of the aperture ring, I really like using it, especially being able to see the setting easily.

I took some casual indoor and outdoor shots and I am very impressed with the sharpness of the lens. I only used F2.8 outside. I read that that is the sweet spot for the lens but I discovered that it can also be a tad bit soft on edges at the widest angles. I intend to try it again tomorrow at F4 and slower to see if that helps.

I especially like the electronic level and found it to be very useful. I understand that it isn't perfect but in many cases the results were better than I would have achieved without it. There were several shots I took where I was holding the camera in a difficult position and by using the electronic level I was able to get the shot I wanted.

I prefer to use a viewfinder in most shooting situations but I didn't mind using the LCD. I have it set to automatically adjust for the lighting conditions and even in the brightest light today I had little problem seeing my images on it. It is the highest res screen I have had so I think it is awesome.

I used the flexible focus point on several occasions but was a little annoyed when I went into playback mode and discovered that I couldn't instantly zoom to 100% on my selected focus point. Even to get to 100% takes a couple of button presses. On my ultra-compact FP8 I have it set to zoom to 100% for 2 sec. in instant review albeit in only the center of the screen but it is still very useful. Neither my FZ200 or LX7 has this feature. At least the FZ200 has a Focus button on the side that you can quickly press to accomplish this and it will also focus on the location of the flexible focus point. On the LX7 if I want to check my focus on a location that is off center I have to go to Playback mode, zoom in a couple of clicks of the zoom lever and then scroll to my focus location. I hope I am just missing something here because if this is the only way this works than I find it a bit clunky and outdated.

Another annoyance that happens to be on most cameras is when the lens retracts when you are trying to view your photos. It is very annoying and I constantly find myself trying to review my shot as fast as possible and return to the shooting mode before this can happen. How about letting me decide if I want the lens to retract or not by a menu setting?

Even though the LX7 has similar burst modes as the FZ200 it locks up to write to the card for a much longer time. The zoom lever seems to only have one speed, slow, but at least it is smooth and quiet. So even though you can take some action shots with the camera it is clearly best for a more methodical shooting style.

Other users have pointed out the fact that the exposure bracketing and the timer function are mutual exclusive since they use the same button. I have seen this before on some cameras and I can't believe it still exists on the LX7, especially when the use of a remote control is not an option.

Even though I found several things to complain about with this camera there are way more things to love. Nothing I have mentioned is going to seriously get in the way of using and enjoying this camera. It is absolutely the coolest camera I have owned.

Here are a few shots from today. These were shot in Raw and processed in ACR.


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