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Sean: perhaps not so much secret at this [late] stage?

sean lancaster wrote:

jpr2 wrote:

  • not only N7 Mk-II in March,
  • and FF Nex + finally APS-C MILC from Nikon in Sept, together with 7D MkII;
  • but also a successor of the ill-begotten Eos-Min July - hopefully this time not a self-abortive one .

As well as a plethora of other rather exciting events too - hurray for the competition !! BUT... what is your source???

While the chart seems plausible, it also seems highly unlikely that a single source would have all of these secrets to reveal before rumors sites and the companies themselves have been able to reveal this stuff (the dates of the FF NEX, for example).

  • the annual dates of major announcements from Canikon in June-July and Aug-Sept are are hardly a big industry secret;
  • there were many interviews at Photokina & CES, to name just these two event;
  • there were also quite highly ranked rumors at NR, CR & SAR;
  • so to put all of them together is not so highly skilful activity as it might appear ;
  • what counts is that should the recent NR's gossip of APS-C proposal from N. will turn true, it would mean a major shift in forces active on the APS-C MILC arena = C. could no longer afford to present us with half-cooked offerings !!


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