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Waste pads on R3000

jtoolman wrote:

camerashy wrote:

Thank you so much for that detailed reply, you dont know how helpful that had been to me. I have copied it and kept it in my new R300 Library File.

so I guess (if you dont mind) my next question is: where are the waste ink pads, do they need any special type of treatment and how do you clean and service the purge pads.

Depending on the printer, the pads are located at the very bottom of the chasis of the printer. On probably all Rxxxx models it requires a complete strip down of the all the printer components, which is realisitically beyond the scope of most folks.

Pro level models have removable tanks that can be disposed of when full and replaced with new, empty ones.

The pads will absorb the waste ink generated through various operations.

Just chiming in on this, as I have added a waste ink tank to my R3000. Luckily a complete strip-down is not necessary for this model. Basically you only need to:

1. Remove the right side panel (viewing from the front of the printer) for access to the waste ink tubes. Removing the side panel requires unscrewing 3 screws from the back of the printer and 1-2 screws from the side panel, and pulling the back panel out just enough to be able to pull the side panel off.

2. Pop the tubes off, drill one hole for the new waste tank tube (or just route it through the vent slits on the back of the printer, if you don't want to drill a hole).

3. Connect the printer's waste ink tubes to the connector provided with the waste ink tank.

4. Reassemble.

I don't recall where I ordered my waste ink kit from, but they had good installation instructions with pictures on their website.


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