Nikon to introduce APS-C mirrorless....

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Re: Any chance this to be E-mount?

forpetessake wrote:

martindesu wrote:

I'm confused by a lot of the "logic" used here.

forpetessake wrote:

Let's face it, apart from the stellar sensors Sony doesn't have much to offer, the bodies and lenses are nothing to write home about.

I disagree. I think that the NEX range is really a very ergonomic and futuristic design, unlike all these "retro" and "hipster" looking devices on the market. My main gripe with the Leica wasn't the price, it was the grip. I think the NEX-7 is pretty much perfectly sized.

I don't complain about the looks or the ergonomics (though it could have been better), but the camera menus, settings, modes, buttons, and such -- a person coming from a DSLR experience has to repeat "what the ****" incantation for quite awhile.

Sure, but if you're coming from a P&S, some of these menus (and constant pop-up helps) might be useful? I dunno. It's completely Japanese IMO. They love complexity and sheer insanity in menu design. Look at the computer in the Nissan GTR.

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