Fujifilm XM-1?

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Re: Fujifilm XM-1?

nawknai wrote:

I'm a long-time Apple user (not a fanboy, mind you), but I hope Fuji follows Apple's creed of not (intentionally) making a crappy product just for the sake of offering products at all price points.
So far, Fuji hasn't succumb to making cheap, bad lenses, and I hope they continue this with their camera line.

Offering a "budget" X-E1 would probably mean that there's no OVF or EVF, so you'd have just the rear LCD to compose with. I always felt that Fuji was selling products blessed with both ​form ​and​ function, not just a retro form for the sake of having it (e.g. the early Olympus m4/3 offerings). Imagine having such great manual controls on a camera that you're holding in front of you at arms length!!

Besides, why follow a bad recipe used by other manufacturers? Creating pared-down products always feels like a race to the bottom, and I don't see many manufacturers increase their success by offering more cheap crap than their competitors. Long term, these companies fade (e.g. Acer and their netbooks = short term success, long term invisibility).

They're low profit margin products offered by the manufacturers, it doesn't help their brand image (no pun intended), and when you're talking about the camera industry, these customers are the ones who stick with the kit lens and never buy a 2nd lens, so there's little motivation for a manufacturer to increase their marketshare and lens sales by increasing their share of the camera market by moving cheap cameras.

So what you're pretty much saying is:

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