Can anyone recommend a DAM with a centralized database

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Re: Can anyone recommend a DAM with a centralized database

porterpath wrote:

this setup would be for a pathology lab. There is a central server for the hospital which images are stored on. There are two canon T3i's and 15 microscopes with digital cameras that all can save to the networked drive. We have nothing set in stone yet, but I plan to have Lightroom on the two computers attached to the canon T3i's for 'live view' tethered photos of gross (anatomic) images. These would be tagged with the cases number (assigned ahead of time), the date, and the tissue type (colon, breast, soft tissue). We could just use the canon software, but the most critical part is that it do live view via tether. The microscopes have a software I have no control of, and they are not capable of tagging photos in that software, only taking them and saving them to the shared drive. The goal is to have a large database of gross and microscopic images that are easily tagged (organ, tissue, diagnosis, comments) and easily searched.

So I am looking for a DAM that can be installed on multiple computers and keep the database on a network drive of the hospital. The DAM should be able to scan for files from lightroom/other software from the two canons as well as the images from the microscopes. I would hope that the DAM would scrape the tags from lightroom, but its a moot point with the microscopes.

I guess something like extensis portfolio would be what I'm after, but its beyond my price range to recommend, as this wouldn't fall into the departments capital budget. And this is new to me, so I can't solidly recommend something I know nothing about.

Something like LR on each computer could work if only there was a central database. An alternative would be one computer that edited tags (one computer with lightroom/other software) and then the remaining computers had search capabilities with a 2nd piece of software. I've considered something like google Picasa (it'd be great) but I'm afraid of the bandwidth.

I'm restricted in that I'm not making the financial decisions and we have an IT department that takes 3 weeks to do anything, so 3 tiers of software to accomplish this would take the IT people more than 1 month to sort out before I'm even allowed to have the software installed and tested. Hopefully this all makes sense. I'd truly appreciate answers.


Seriously consider Extensis Portfolio. I use it for all forms of assets to be managed. This is a general DAM that is also extremely useful for photos. The link is for the server version.

Extensis Portfolio

LightRoom will fall apart in your application with a central DB used by remote users.

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