What tripod should I get?

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Re: What tripod should I get?

Do you plan to upgrade to a heaver camera or use big telephoto lenses? Basically, do you plan to get really, really serious about photography? Then read Thom Hogan's article on tripods: http://bythom.com/support.htm. Just spend $1,000 and be done with it.

Now let's say that is not the case, and you're fine with using a $60 tripod forever. If you want used, then get a random Bogen Manfrotto off eBay or Craigslist. There are too many of them so I don't really have any specifics in mind. If you want a new one, get a Manfrotto MKC3-H01 for $60 on Adorama. It's nice and compact and has a head that can be used for both stills and video. The only issue is with the amount of support it can provide, since it's a 5-section tripod, but the T3i shouldn't present a problem. If you can afford more, go for the Manfrotto MK394-H for $80 on Adorama. It's more stable and has only 4 sections (for quicker setup). I personally own the MK394-PQ (the non-video version since I don't shoot video), and I love it.

I know the Dolica is something Ken Rockwell really likes to recommend, and it's a great, sturdy tripod... when it works. I considered it but ultimately shied away due to multiple negative reviews on Amazon complaining about it breaking a lot.

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