Ok Greeners and ACCers do you have an off-grid system for your house?

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Re: Ok Greeners and ACCers do you have an off-grid system for your house?

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All for very good reasons no matter whether you believe in climate change or not. Remove fossil fuels from the equation and it all becomes quite cheap in reasonable time.

I see no good reason to increase my cost of electricity for the sake of a ferry tale. Remove fossil fuels from power generation and the price goes way up in the USA

And there's you main problem. You are more attached to the idea of doing nothing than finding a solution because you don't believe there is a problem.

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Solar is a popular option here and many people are using it ad feeding the excess back into the grid covering their night time costs. Some even use storage cells to provide power at night. Combine it with solar hot water and you can have yourself a profit. It can pay for itself within two or three years.

The average cost of installing a solar system to power a home in my area averages about $12,000.00. That includes the proper storage batteries and all the electronics to manage the system and installation costs. If you want to connect to the power companies grid requires installation by a licensed expert and inspection by the power company. Compare that to my current cost of electricity at $125.00 per month. The payout in 2 or 3 years is another myth. It would payout in maybe 12 to 15 years is more likely. Our weather produces cloudy days probably 1/3 of the days of the year.

Can't help you. The more people that use these alternatives the more the costs come down. As it stands you are going to see your power costs go up. Not much to be done there I guess. Here we are looking at about $5000 to $6000 for a system. BTW even with cloudy days you get some generation and solar hot water systems still give results. You are looking for an absolute solution though so I suppose you are stuck. If you aren't really looking for a solution to a problem you don't think exists then of course you won't find one.

Realize that costs are coming down in alternative energy sources as more people opt for them. Realize also that combination systems will give you the best returns. Even if your region retained coal fired sources it would have become expensive in time as the producers would have been taxed more for carbon compensation and offsets.

The USA doesn't have the economy killing "Cap & Trade" or the carbon taxes. We are fighting very hard to keep it that way.

Sad. You should be fighting very hard to get one in place but based on the original concept rather than the watered down vote spinning catastrophe we got stuck with. Originally the idea of the carbon tax was that industry was taxed on the carbon it produced. The only way to reduce this tax was to reduce its carbon. It was prohibited from passing the tax on to its customers. Here we had a PM that wanted to placate industry so the opposite happened. The tax is passed on but we get compensated by the government. The money just goes around in circles and does nothing. Still most people think it is for the environment. It isn't. Most people think it has increased the cost of living. It doesn't really. All it is doing under the present model which took a decade to get is complicating the economy.

The political system here would probably make a mess of things here too. Guess who was the founder of the carbon tax bank? Obama, of course he is no longer connected to it but I bet he would be connected back to it once he is no longer in office. The whole system is all about money. The scientists are in collusion with the politicians the get the system enacted. Kind of like making a deal with the Devil.

Well that is no surprise.  It's not as though a Republican is going to do anything about the issue.  By the way the whole issue is not at all about the money.  I should explain to you that from your perspective, you are talking to the enemy here.  I won't bother shooting you down though.  No point wasting my time.

But then you think the carbon problem is a myth so there ya go.


By the way I saw a program on the Discovery Science channel this past week showing off the Australian Coal Industry and how they were dependent on the fuel produced by coal. Was that fiction?

Depends on what you mean. The coal industry dependent on coal? I guess it is.

I guess my words weren't clear. They indicated that Australia was dependent on the coal industry. What would happen in your country if all the coal consuming industries were to decide they couldn't continue operations any longer and just decided to close down?

It is projected to start happening in ten years or so anyway so we shall see.  It will effect the mining industry but once they have their strangle hold off energy generation we will be able to introduce the alternative energy generation systems that have been developed here.  As far as power production goes it won't be a problem.  At the moment China is our biggest customer for coal but they are heading for a bubble burst economically according to our analysts but are at least putting major investments into research in alternatives to fossil fuels.  Essentially we will just join the world community in the slowing of our economy but so long as we are prepared for the inevitability of it (and indicators lean in that direction) we might just be OK.

That's what I meant when I called it an economy killer. We don't have State run utility systems here, they are all run by the private industry. World wide there is an attack on the coal industry.

We do have a mining industry going crazy at the moment producing a media campaign to combat the idea that they need to take responsibility for its carbon production through things like a carbon tax. You have probably seen some overflow from that.

We also have one of the most polluting power stations in the southern hemisphere which has just been re-commissioned for the next 25 years even though the building is decades past its safe use by date. Power companies are ironically using the climate change confusion to sneak some pretty nasty short cuts through. Just gotta love that denialist minority.

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The one serious conviction one should hold is that nothing should be taken too seriously.
It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain an idea without necessarily accepting it. -Aristotle
..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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