problem shooting auto exposure bracket sets

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Re: problem shooting auto exposure bracket sets

Fuzzfuzz wrote:

Do you use Samsungs raw converter?
I did a test(just exported the raw to a jpeg file) now with samsung raw converter and irfanview on a overexposured pictured.

I did see a little different fov on the two jpeg files. The irfanview jpeg looked like on the camera while the silkypics had a smaller field of view.

Thanks once again for all your suggestions.

Good grief, I just tried yours and everything is good now! I d/l and installed Irfanview and the Formats plugin and when viewing todays photos in raw (68 sets of 3) they all looked fine. Using Silkypix once again showed anomolies in 10 sets.

(holly cow, why, why me, all this time)

Thankyou once again guys. Im still baffled, but having ruled out the hardware, Im very relieved.

Go Samsung

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