Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

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Re: Pixma Pro 100 prints are too dark

penns wrote:

I'm having the same problem with dark prints. I'm rather new at this. Set up the printer tonight and printed on hp glossy to start with. Wasn't happy with the prints, but haven't bought a supply of Canon paper yet. Opened the free sample of Canon Luster and printed a couple of pics. The prints are dark--not vivid as I expected--compared to the ones printed on an hp 1300 series printer (about 4 years old--used 5 colors plus black). I'm not comparing the prints to my monitor, although they do seem brighter there,too. I don't have any special software, just trying to use Canon Easy Photo Print. So, Canon paper, Canon ink, Canon software, what am I doing wrong?

The ultimate trick to see if a printer is working properly is to print a test image

Here are a couple of them


Print them from your Canon Easy Photo Print making sure you choose the correct paper type. Do not edit these images. After printing, look at them and they should "LooK" correct to you. If they do not, you set up is probably wrong.

Everybody gets dark prints initially. Look it up in the search engine. The same question gets asked almost daily!

You monitor and probably every uncalibrated monitor out there is set TOO BRIGHT for photography.

So when the printer prints the image which is viewed by reflective light and you compare it to the monitor which work via transmitted light will os course look brighter and more colorful.

Your Pixma PRO-100 should print gorgeous prints. If it does not, I guarantee it is something you are simply not setting up correctly.

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