E-m5 vs. Sony Rx1

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Re: E-m5 vs. Sony Rx1

tjdean01 wrote:

To be honest, I wasn't thinking of you personally when I wrote that sentence, given that you were completely unknown to me at the time. I have not seen sample image from the NX300 anywhere on the web. B&H lists the camera as being available for advance purchase with an expected arrival date of March 25. Sometime around then we will be able to judge if the camera is equal to the hype. Until that time, I will say no more on the subject except to repeat that it may indeed be a worthy addition to the premium compact camera class. If that turns out to be the case, then I will consider buying one for my own use.

In general, people should not underestimate Samsung. They are a very big company with very big ambitions. Already, they are are challenging Apple's dominance in the cell phone market. There is no doubt that they can build first rate cameras and lenses, if that is their goal.


Aww, c'mon, I was so happy someone considered me a serious photographer. I can't convince anyone I'm a pro, not even online!

On the serious side, however, IMO, I think that it takes a lot of metiulous design to make things that are either new and improved or else just fantastic and Samsung doesn't do that. A few examples: Nikon, Canon, Leica make terrific lenses. Sony makes wonderful sensors. Nearly all of the big camera companies are capable of making good cameras (Pansonic couldn't make a sensor to save their life though!). Next, is TVs. Panasonic (with Pioneer) have done tons of innovation in TVs and have made fantastic products. The best LCD TV ever contructed for sale normally was a Panasonic with an LG-made screen (LG also makes iPad screens) and the best non-normal TV was a Pioneer-Sharp collaboration. LED TVs aren't out yet but I'm hearing LG and Sonys are just as nice as the Samsungs but we'll see. Panasonic makes the best vacuums (but not the top in sales). Fuji used to make the best compact cameras. Olympus did a lot of wonderful innovation in m4/3s....

...what I'm getting at is that while there are only a few gripes I have against Samsung (they have infringed patents but no scales off my flank, the regulate prices, they make up new names for existing things), I don't dislike the company, but as far as I can see, there is no product category that they have led in innovation or where they have the best product for the best price. I'm definitely not one of the masses who buys blindly and although Samsung is by far the number one TV seller world-wide, there's not a size/price category where Samsung wins. I think ASUS or iPads make better tablets, HTC better phones, etc. I don't know everything about any category, but the ones I know well, Samsung does not offer anything that I personally--a picky person--would buy.

That said, they're #1 world-wide and do not NEED to have the best lenses, sensors, or neweset innovation to get sales. That said, I'll look at the NX300 and see how it stacks up!

Quite often, the greatest innovations come from small or struggling companies.  Lest we forget, Apple was considered moribund not so long ago.  Then came the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad--not to mention the iMac.  Very large organizations develop inertia; they want to keep doing things as they have always done them, which tends to stifle creativity.  Apple may even fall victim to that syndrome.  Still, big firms do have the resources to develop great new products, if they really want to.  Look at Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW/Audi as examples of such companies.

I would not bet against Samsung in the camera market.  They do not want to be like Nikon and Canon.  They are following a different path, and only time will tell if it will lead to success.  The NX series is intended to appeal to enthusiasts.  By all accounts, the cameras and lenses are well made and deliver good to excellent IQ.  I find the NX300 intriguing, and I am open to it but far from committed.


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