Difference Between Micro 4/3 and 4/3

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Re: Difference Between Micro 4/3 and 4/3

Leonard Migliore wrote:

JoeBrautigam wrote:

So i have either a really dumb question or an actual question....Im looking to get a new lens for my olympus pen epl1 and the one i want is rokinon fisheye but theres two theres olympus 4/3 system category or micro 4/3 and the one in the olympus 4/3 system i really like...hahaha so im just wondering if there is a difference or the olympus 4/3 system category will only work for olympus and not other brands.

The original 4/3 system was for single lens reflex cameras. This has been a generally unsuccessful type of product. The micro 4/3 system was then introduced. This has a similar lens mount to 4/3 but it's closer to the sensor. It won't work with reflex cameras but does work with electronic view finders. Micro 4/3 seems to be a more viable system than 4/3.

Your Olympus is a micro 4/3 camera, so you should get micro 4/3 lenses for it. Lenses for the original 4/3 system will only fit with an adapter.

Why do you prefer the 8mm 4/3 fisheye over the 7.5mm micro 4/3 fisheye?

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Leonard Migliore

Yeah i just liked the size a bit better than the 7.5mm but the 7.5mm is probably better for traveling and just putting my camera in a bag.....Thanks for responding!!

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