Will An X10 or X20 Produce Higher IQ Than This Sample Image? Any Thoughts Appreciated.

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Levels/Curves quite poor in this image

Executive overview: this is a good raw image, but not a good out of camera age. By raw I don't mean Raw from camera for ACR conversion, but raw in the sense that it needs editing. Thanks to its pixel size, it has plenty of editability.

The daylight color balance is OK, but Auto White Balance (GIMP) really improves the contrast and 3D look. This can also be done by moving the Levels slider up at the bottom of the histogram. Also I think an S-curve treatment (Curves dialog) improves shadow detail and brings out gold and paint detail in the white dias.

Increasing color saturation bring out some ugly blue noise in the shadow background.

Bottom line, this has high quality for editing, but is not in and of itself a high quality image. Due to it being JPEG, there are editing limitations, especially regarding saturation.

Thanks to Lightpath48 for directing me to this thread.

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