American 2nd amendment is much like a death wish

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Re: You have a phobia

mamallama wrote:

CraigWestly wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

.....Americans are in love with this amendment to have a safe country to live in.....

That's all you needed to say. All the rest is pap. Par for your course.

Why? Don't you love the Second Amendment? And don't you think it has made America safe? I know, America can be safer, if you know what I mean.

You dissemble on purpose - Mentor dressed up his argument with platitudes.  Like you and scarecrow, he wants a brain.  You two are a well matched couple.

For the record:  I am relieved that we have the 2nd amendment.  Without it we could be just another 3rd world dictatorship.  We are going through some troubled times but in the end we will be better for our constitution.

And NO, I have no idea what you "mean".  Trying to understand you is like deciphering my dog's yelps - he doesn't have the tools to communicate with people either.

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