Photoshop to Light Room Issues

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Re: Photoshop to Light Room Issues

SBS wrote:

I was just trying to keep it simple and to the point without making people read unnecessary stuff. I work for another photo studio sometimes and when I send them the JPEG files, they open them in LR. So I was hoping to find out why LR is over exposing some of the files. It is not a consistent problem. At first, I thought it might have to do with filtering and masking. But these are jpeg files. So far, I have read that LR4 is a bit buggy and it may have to do with wanting to communicate only with PS6 (I have PS5). Still, again, these are jpegs. Why the problem?

suddie1215 wrote:

I'm sorry but you're still not clear. If you're doing the initial raw processing and conversion with ACR where does Lightroom enter into the equation

It is still not clear

Are you having the problem or someone else

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