Why No Nikon f1.2 G Lenses?

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why No Nikon f1.2 G Lenses?

Snodayz wrote:

A friend recently upgraded his Canon kit to a 1DX and 50mm and 85mm f1.2 lenses and is now positively snorting his superiority (!) over my D4 and f1.4 primes. Which got me thinking, Nikon used to produce f1.2's, so why does it now stop at f1.4 for it's current top end primes?

A. f1.2 is largely unnecessary these days with the DR of the D800, for example

B. If even possible with the 'smallish'  F-mount aperture, the cost would be nuts

C. Limited demand (see A above)

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