Advice for shooting in theatre against the lights?

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Luke Kaven Veteran Member • Posts: 5,705
Re: Advice for shooting in theatre against the lights?

ROOOO wrote:

Thanks much for your response. I can set up the theatre however I want. It won't be during a live performance.

I don't have much experience with HDR. My concern is the area immediately around the subject where the lighting conditions transition drastically. But, I suppose I can just soften the mask effect there.

Agreed there is a little more to think through.  I don't have a complete picture of your intended shot.  I do think you can brush in some surrounding flare from one of the house shots (one of the shots in the bracket sequence for the house HDR shot).  Using HDR is always an option you can back out of if you don't think it works, though it does give you some nice effects shooting into the light with starbursts.

Either way though, to get all that dynamic range into the shot, you would either have to light it correctly, lift the shadows in the house, or shoot HDR.  Some of this depends on what camera and lens you intend to use.

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