Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

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Re: Who Do We Trust for Bottled Printer Ink

Steve Winter wrote:

Does anyone offer quality refill ink for the Canon Pro-100? I have searched fairly extensively but no joy so far



You can buy third party carts about $150 a set on EBAY from China. You can also buy INKS in minimum liter bottles also on EBAY from China.

You can directly inject into the OEM carts as there is an inkbag inside. You can droaw out the last remaining ink and then inject the new ink till the correct amount or total weight in grams is reached.

Then your biggest trouble is there is no resetter available so you have disable ink monitoring to be able to continue printing.

There will eventually be ARCs available from China and will find their way here in the USA.

Inkjetcarts.us has put togetther a set of inks from various 3rd party Canon substitutes from the PRO9500mkii and some of the larger Format Canons.

Precision Colors will also have an ink set for it.

But again there is no way to reset the OEM chips yet.

As a final note, you will liklely not be happy with the brilliance of real OEM PRO-1 prints when you go 3rd party as you will not be able to duplicate the effects of the OEM Chroma Optimizer with these 3rd party replacements. Just like R2000 and R1900 OEM Gloss Optimizer can not be duplicated by anything I've come across yet.

Matte printing will prove to be just as good with the currently available inks.


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