dslr shotgun mic or Digital Recorder

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Re: dslr shotgun mic or Digital Recorder

A portable recorder has these advantages:

* You can put it closer to the source of the sound.

* It can record stereo.

* It can record long audio segments even while you are videoing different short segments.

* Useful for recording ambient sound that can be edited into your video later.

* It won't pick up camera noise (eg IS/VR gyroscopes and motors).

* Easier to reduce or eliminate wind noise (eg Dead Cat).

* Easily adjust gain on the recording level.

* Doesn't take up the hot shoe.

* Some hand held recorders also accept external mics which can be hooked up to shotgun mics when needed.


* Another thing to carry.

* Synchronizing audio with video may be difficult ('DualEyes' can help with this).

* Won't point in the direction of the camera as you pan the camera around. (Sometimes this is an advantage.)

* The internal mics have a general purpose cardioid pattern when what you may need occasionally is some degree of shotgun mic.

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I bought a Tascam DR-100 and I love it.

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