what happens when you put an 85mm on an NX200?

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Re: what happens when you put an 85mm on an NX200?

tombell1 wrote:

This is clearly a very good lens....

I found a problemn not having a viewfinder on my LX5 and mainly use a Pentax K5 .. but I am REALLY interested in the CSC cameras .. with APSC sensors ...

For me its between the NEX6 with a goodish viewfinder and the NX300 with a flip up AMOLED screen and good menu system compered to the Sony and better Primes ....

I have the 20 and 30 prime and need to decide between the NX300 and the NEX6 ..... can you guys give me some feedback ....

I must say I have been very ipressed with Samsungs committtement to primes ...

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due to the lack of performance samples for the NX300, I can't give a real evaluation which is better. we'll see next month how the NX300 would perform. right now, my main concern would be AF/shutter responsiveness, speed and accuracy, buffer and lockdown time. if the NX300 has addressed these issues, I'll be more than contented about it. High ISO capability would just be an icing on the cake. a stop or two would be enough.

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