Hoya EVO vs Hoya HD vs B+W MRC?

Started Feb 19, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Hoya EVO vs Hoya HD vs B+W MRC?

I am actually looking for a UV filter, not a CPL. I just accidentally broke my Hoya UV(C), so 1) I'm really glad I had a filter on my lens on the first place; 2) I would like a stronger filter this time.

(For CPL, I'm using a cheapo uncoated Hoya Slim, which according to http://camera-filters.biz/pl_filters/color_tone.html has great performance for the price, especially in lack of a color cast. And yes, I do have a tripod.)

Also, speaking of cost, the B+W is actually the cheapest, available for $30. The Hoya HD goes for $35, and the Hoya EVO goes for $55. However, I've seen spectrophotometer tests on the Internet that show Hoya filters tend to outperform B+W in transmittance and reflectance, though the B+W seem to have better build quality. I've never been able to find any tests on reduction of lens sharpness, though, which I am the most concerned about. If you have those filters, could you test the effect of them on sharpness?

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