best option for selling 17-35 f2.8?

Started Feb 15, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: best option for selling 17-35 f2.8?

I am in the same boat - decided to keep it for use cases where filters are needed, despite the soft corners - which are annoying (but the lens is a 15 year old design so it is what it is I suppose). I thought I read somewhere that it was recently discontinued, which, if true, hopefully means Nikon will release the new 16-35 AFS N VRIII soon. This is of course a catch-22 since the used value if the 17-35 will plummet once the new version is released. I look at it as a sunk cost for a lens that has provided many many years of service. For my shooting, the new 16-35 would be my go to lens. The 14-24 is awesome, but the design is somewhat limiting (flare, no filters, etc.). If the putative 16-35 is actually released, and has as good/close IQ to the 14-24, I suspect Nikon will sell many of them. I would then most likely get the Samyang 14mm for UW shots (or the Zeiss ZF2 15mm if the price ever drops to something reasonable). Anyways, that is my plan for the moment.

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