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Re: Pentax has a nice walk-around zoom lens? LOL!

Hi Karaya. I'm biased in the sense that I'm a Pentax shooter. However, I'm also biased in the other direction in the case of the 18-135 because if it was as bad as the Photozone review suggests I wouldn't have to even consider buying it!

I use prime lenses around 90% of the time, trotting out the kit 18-55 WR in wet weather or other adverse conditions. The truth is though that although this kit zooms is quite well regarded by the same site that pans the 18-135, it isn't quite in the same league. Rather than just examining test charts I've had a look at results people have been getting (hundreds of superb images). If you did that you might change your opinion, after all Photoshop can be used on excellent shots as well as poor ones, but there's only so much you can get when a bad lens isn't giving you a lot to work with in the first place.

Regarding the wider question I think the best plan is as stated to try both cameras. You can't really go wrong with either, as whichever you chose I'm sure you'll get excellent images. Leaving aside all other considerations for a moment, if I had to carry one or the other around all day every day (something I've been doing lately with the K5) and was often in a hurry, I might pick the OM merely for the lower weight. That is something which I feel is easy to underestimate merely looking at the spec sheets. From an ergonomics point of view when you actually arrive at the shooting location though it's hard to argue with the K5 variants.

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