Panasonix gx1 vs entry level dslr

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Re: Panasonix gx1 vs entry level dslr

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I'm not going to get into the specifics of high ISO, color depth, and DR, but even the top-of-the-line EM-5 and GH3 do not equal the current or last generation of entry level DSLRs like some of the ones I mentioned above. The two mirror-less cameras have many wonderful high-end features that aren't found on all entry level DSLRs, but if you are talking image output, the DSLRs still have the edge for low-light shooting, less noise at base ISO, DR and richer colors due to superior color depth. My answer will not be popular, but the laws of physics still hold true and the larger sensor cameras, even the entry level ones, have made technological/IQ gains right along side of all the other formats. So as m43 IQ/sensor performance has gotten better, so too has APS-C IQ/sensor performance (see the D5200).

It's not just current DSLR's.  The Ricoh GXR aps-c modules consistently produce richer and more robust files than the the OM-D, and I know this because I have both.  The OM-D has an edge on usable higher ISO, but at lower and base ISO, the GXR wins out.

The Fuji X100 consistently produces richer colours and more a more 'depth' than the OM-D, and this has nothing to do with depth of field, but colour depth.  But I use the OM-D more than the X100 due to the flexibility of lenses changes and speed of focus and overall operation.

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