Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

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Re: Has anyone used the Aurora FBO65 Firefly Beauty Box?

jamesdo wrote:

This is the one I'm considering to buy


Right now I don't have any big softbox or umbrella to use with flash. I've just used flash for outdoor portrait recently. So I want to buy one. Umbrella is cheap and convenient to bring but I worry about the light quality it brings. Actually I intend to buy a reflective umbrella when I need more power of light, or when I use with CTO gel. But for the main light source I still want to buy a softbox.

The firefly beauty box 65 looks impressive to me. It is very portable, light weight but it seems that the light will be soft and even due to the reflective dish attached to the front diffuser. I also light the round catchlight.

So the Firefly Beauty Box 65 is the one I should buy. But that's just my guessing. Has anyone had experience with this softbox? Is the light this softbox gives that good?

Btw, I shoot portrait with the tele lens (80-200) and I use two flashes. If I use the softbox as the main light source, what should I use with the second flash (shoot through umbrella, reflective umbrella?)


$193.00 seems like an awful lot of money for what is essentially a small umbrella.

Ok, looking more closely at the description, it seems it has a diffuser, so I guess it's more like a softbox/umbrella hybrid. Still seems like an awful lot of money.

I'd want to know that it is significantly better than a silver umbrella of the same size before spending that much money on it.

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