water rocks and longer exposures - thanks for any feedback

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Re: water rocks and longer exposures - thanks for any feedback

Thanks for the nice comments and yes of=course it was on purpose!:)

GuyFromTheNorth wrote:

I think, whether on purpose or not, the second shot is outstanding. The darkness in the shadows makes it very intriguing, I really like it and if I had taken it I would print it and frame it in my living room.

I'm not a huge fan of the first shot. I think there is\was potential in it but the colours\lighting feels wrong to me. The purplish area on the rocks, on first glance, almost fakes a mild form of lens flare. I realize it's not flare, but it's similar to a non-defined flare in that the colours shift to purple and seem to be brighter in a weird location on the picture. Also with the water along the bottom, at first it doesn't appear as water but rather an out of focus or blurred area, then you realize it's passing through water. I guess that might be a neat thing once examined closely, but my immediate "2 second first impression" on quick glance was "flare and out of focus" of the overall shot. That second BW though, love it!

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