Lenses for GX-1?

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Re: Lenses for GX-1?

On the various primes: while I like their optical qualities, I am leary about overdoing it with primes. I do not want to change lenses any more than I have to and for when I am outdoors somewhere, I am even less inclined to deal with too many multpile lense. Hence my interest in the 14-140.

On constant aperture: I will trade the constant aperture for wider zoom range with great comfort. Zuiko 12-60 is not a constant aperture and worked fine for me. As far as zoom lense go, it offers 5x and is superb across the board.

A 150mm f/1.8 lens sounds great, but that has got to end up costing somewhere along the lines of $2k. That will be too much money for me.


For the GX1, the best *cheapish* combo would be the:

14-45 (the poorman's 12-35)
45-150 or 45-175 X (the poorman's 35-100)

Obviously you'd need to be content with f5.6 at the tele end of things, but if worse comes to worse, just get a few primes for key focal lengths that you'd use.

Hope this help?

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