Advice for shooting in theatre against the lights?

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Re: Advice for shooting in theatre against the lights?

ROOOO wrote:

I need to shoot someone on a stage in a theatre with the audience in the background. I.e. against the way you would normally shoot someone on a stage. I'll mostly likely only have a couple continuous lights plus the stage lights and the house lights. (But I'm open to other suggestions that I can understand and obtain in the next day.) The problem I'm facing is that I would like to get some detail from the seating area, which will be difficult, in a large theatre, to light well. I'm thinking that perhaps I could do an HDR, if my subject stays very still? Does anyone have advice for setting up such a shot?


Is this shot a photo setup, or an actual performance situation?

One option - use a good solid tripod.  Do an HDR shot of the audience without the performer.  Then, keeping the exact position, you can shoot the performer straight, as many times as you'd like, and composite the two together in post.  Don't change focus or aperture.

Do the HDR sequence quickly or you may get ghosting artifacts.  You can always decide to work with only 2-3 out of 5 shots if you run into ghosts (of the non-Ibsen kind).

Use a lens with a good resistance to flare, or good flare aesthetics.

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