Mirror flop: any solution other than sending it to C.R.I.S?

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Re: Mirror flop: any solution other than sending it to C.R.I.S?

awaldram wrote:

You've missed the most important part of the statement you quote

when fully charged the charge current must be cut off

‚ÄčOnce charged a Li-ion charger switches off it makes no odds if you take the batteries out of the charger at this stage or not they do not receive a 'top up' trickle charge and so are free to settle to their nominal 3.72 Volts.

If the Pentax charger doesn't do this then really it not fit for sale and would destroy all users batteries who left their li-ion on charge for extended periods.

I do leave batteries in chargers. for a day or two if I'm not out on a shoot.  Doesn't matter if I leave them in or out of the charger after the cycle completes. If some time passes, all ok.

As I got busy in the summer of 2011, if I took a battery out of the charger immediately after the charge cycle completed and shot within an hour, I'd get a few flops.  I needed spares anyway so I started running them down to swap with a charged battery vs topping off the charge each day and running out the door.

In any case, it was stupid of me not to have extra batteries.  Had backups for everything else.  Had I rotated batteries to begin with, I doubt I'd ever have experienced an issue.

As I wrote before, its been 18 months and at least 120K exposures on two K-5s using 4 Pentax batteries and two Pentax chargers and I've had zero symptoms.

I'm sure you all are correct in that repair is best and I've just been lucky so far.

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