Canon wide angle lens question (upgraded from a 40d to a 5DMark3)

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Re: Canon wide angle lens question (upgraded from a 40d to a 5DMark3)

The more I read of the 10-22mm, 17-40mm L, and the two generations of the 16-35mm L, I think I am going to keep at least one of my 7D cameras, and my 10-22mm, regardless of  any future full-frame camera and L lens purchases. For virtually all of my at-work images, and much of my personal shooting, I use my 10-22mm and 100mm Macro L on 7D cameras. (I also have 40D, 5D, and 1D2N cameras.)

I am reading this thread because of my consideration of the 17-40L and 16-35L, but having had good experience with my wife's Tokina 100mm Macro, and Tokina 17mm Nikon-fit lenses, I am also considering the Tokina 16-28mm, which has been the subject of much favorable commentary here on the DPR forums, among the Nikon shooters in the sub-forums on Nikon SLR lenses and Nikon Pro FX. The early 16-28 Tokinas seemed to have some trouble with decentering heing present in some samples, but recent buyers seem pleased. The Canon 16-35mm L II, however, remains at the top of my wish list, with its proven toughness and ability to use filters.

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