What options out there for fast primes with EA2?

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Re: What options out there for fast primes with EA2?

I think you have exposed the fatal mistake of Sony in not providing IBIS in any NEX body. Sony has a poor selection of lenses, but even so, you could find great primes adaptable for the NEX system if the bodies had IBIS. Not too smart, Sony. You force everyone to buy OIS lenses in order to have IS with the NEX, then you provide very few OIS lenses. All you had to do it put IBIS in the NEX, then many great A-mount lenses (and others with adapters) would have worked.

This is the kind of decision made when bean-counters are put in charge, instead of photographically-knowledgeable people.  Minolta knew that IS was a great idea, but they lacked the funds to reinvent their lens design. IBIS gave them a chance to actually leapfrog Canikon, yet keep their lens line unchanged. Sony, having no background in high-quality still photography, threw away this opportunity.

Sony also threw away its advantage in sensor design, selling its best designs to Nikon. That's what happens when bean-counters focused on short-term profit are in control. Congratulations, Sony. That's why you are losing money in most divisions.

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