absolute or relative improvement with IS?

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Re: absolute or relative improvement with IS?

I repeat: Olympus managed to build IBIS into their tiny camera bodies. Micro 4/3 is not that much smaller than APS-C. Your claim that IBIS is not feasible with FF was proven false, once and for all, by the Alpha 900 and 850 (really Minolta designs). Sony owns the Minolta patents for IBIS. Whatever they claim to have saved in size by not using IBIS has been lost in their fat bloated OIS NEX lenses. OIS was invented by Canon long before digital sensors made IBIS possible. Sony has given up its inherent advantage and copied Canon. Really stupid, Sony. A sign of a management team which has no heritage in photography. Sony is a videocentric company, and everything about their strategy shows that.

I predict that Sony is going nowhere with their SLT strategy. They should have given up competing in Canikon territory and claimed absolute dominance in the mirrorless sphere, using their IBIS patents.

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