Compact Camera charging

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Re: Compact Camera charging

John1940 wrote:

All of the latest Cyber-Shot cameras have featured battery recharging built into the camera itself, so that you can charge the battery through the camera's USB port. Included in the box is a USB cord which adapts from your camera's type of USB port to the standard connector.


Thanks, John, getting closer.

There are three "standard" USB connectors: the one on every computer (and every charger I've seen), one called "Mini-USB" which is pretty much obsolete, and "Micro-USB" which is far better, and over the past half-dozen years or so has become the standard for charging/uploading/downloading from handheld devices.

If the camera's connector is non-standard, then I need that unique adapter cable, and I'm right back where I don't want to be: tied to a proprietary bit that can be lost.

I want the same connector on my camera that is found on my phone, my e-reader, my tablet, my flatmate's phone, tablet, reader, etc.

I want the same connector that is on the phone chargers in any convenience store, gas station, big-box store, you name it.

I'd like something between $100 and $300.

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