absolute or relative improvement with IS?

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Re: absolute or relative improvement with IS?

Olympus managed to fit IBIS into tiny mirrorless bodies. Sony could do the same, esp. if they make a FF mirrorless camera. What IBIS costs in body size, OIS costs in lens size. That's part of the reason why NEX lenses are so "fat."

OIS was invented by Canon during the film era. Obviously, you can have film cassettes shifting around to provide IS. In the digital era, there is no reason to stick with OIS when IBIS is available.

Big mistake by Sony. They own the patents for IBIS, for heaven's sake. They make actually be paying Canon for the right to use OIS.

The next step in camera evolution is FF mirrorless. The bodies are going to get bigger anyway, so might as well build in IBIS, and quit having to design OIS into some lenses. IBIS will work with all lenses.

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