Is this an isolated case?

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Re: Is this an isolated case?

Illegal Mexican wrote

Well then just call it even and forget about it. Bush stole the election in 2000. He also had no business getting re-elected in 2004 with his crappy record.

I assume by stealing the 2000 election you are refering to the Supreme Court decisions regarding the Florida election. I do not recall the exact order of decisions but one was that if Florida was going to recount ballots the State had to do it for the entire state and not by particular precincts.

The other decision being that the State of Florida had stated the dates for particular actions and they could not change them as the result of the election.

One can question their decisions but the implication that Bush influenced the Court is probably an error. I have, during the course of my lifetime, that decisions of the Court are often disputed by one side or the other, and sometimes both, but it generally just depends on who lost and who won. Roosevelt, who was a very powerful President, took issue with the Court's decisions but lost in his battle to "pack the Court."

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