EM-5 screen crack - will you send yours in?

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My serial is out of range but the OM-D is still cracked: what to do?

acahaya wrote:

Here is a statement i found on Oly Europe with the European serial numbers:


Important Information for OM-D
Olympus has discovered that a very small number of E-M5 cameras might possess a slight crack in the monitor cover. For all customers with a camera in the potentially affected serial number batches listed below, Olympus would like to offer a free check or repair, if required.

The affected range of serial numbers is: BEK501001 – BEK508887 (black) BF4501001 – BF4503865 (silver)

Should your camera be listed in one of the above serial number batches, please call the free-of-charge hotline 00800 67 10 83 00 to receive support for a free check and repair of your product."


Ok, my silver OM-D was purchased in october in Italy, it has a serial n. BF4507xxx (well outside the official affected range) and it HAS the crack. It seems to me that the problem is not solved and/or limited to the above listed serials range.

I strongly hope Olympus will cover ALL the cracked OM-D!

So the main question is now: will Olympus still provide the free repair service for OM-D with an out-of-range serial...?

I'm getting very nervous...


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