X-E1 vs Canon 5D Mark III - continued

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Re: New comparision up on FR
I would say that the kit zoom is really good. But the 35mm/1.4 will be matched by new Sigma Art primes for cheaper price. Sony will also announce premium standard zoom this year. We will see how much Zeiss AF primes will cost for Nex system.

???  The Sigma 35/1,4 is a very good lens, but it is a DSLR lens, big/ heavy and costs more than the Fujinon 35/1,4.

The Zeiss AF primes for the Nex will be optically the same (I guess) as for the Fuji system. Maybe because of higher sales numbers in the Nex system they will be a bit cheaper for the Nex system, and the Nex system needs them badly, due to the bad Sony lenses. IN the Fuji X system the Zeiss are not really needed, and I'd be surprised if they are really better than the Fuji lenses. The Sony/ Zeiss 24/1,4 SEL is solid, but no revelation.

The Fujinon 35/1,4 however is a very good lens, light and not too expensive. I cannot see a competition that is better, as light as the Fuji and not more expensive.


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