Decisions: Size vs Price vs IQ

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Re: Decisions: Size vs Price vs IQ

tjdean01 wrote:

tomtom50 wrote:

No, not the XZ-1.

Like you I used a Fuji F30 for years. I replaced it with an S90 I liked very much until I lost it.

I bought an XZ-1 figuring the fast lens would make up for the worse sensor, and it didn't. The lens was super-sharp, but the pictures above ISO 200 were terrible. And it is not that pocketable, and it needs a lens cap.

If you are money constrained the LX7 is selling now for $300. The XZ-10 looks very promising presuming it has a sensor as good as the 1/2.3" Canon SX50. The RX100 truly is the gold standard in pocketable IQ. ISO 3200 makes a solid 8x10.

Hey, thanks for posting this. You actually posted a few important things for. Me. First of all, the F30 had a LENS that was fantastic. I'm talking about sharpness in bright light here not to mention it was fast. Coupled with that SuperCCD you had yourself the best of the compacts. So, coming from that, you were impressed with the s90's IQ and ISO performance?

Yes, the S90 sensor had an edge on the F30. Not a huge edge. The f2 at wide gave another stop over the f2.8 of the F30.

Second, I like that you say the s90 is pocketable but the XZ-1 is not. I don't really need pocketable as I've realized that everything comfortably pocketable is garbage (even the good s90 is too big to be comfortable). But are you saying the s90 outdoes the XZ-1 at say, ISO800? The s110 lens goes to 1.8 anyway, AND has better ISO performance, right?

The S90 WAY outdoes the XZ-1 at ISO 800. The dynamic range of the S90 sensor is better, and that keeps the shadows from getting muddy. I was happy with the S90, I stopped using the XZ-1 after a week.

What do you think of the XZ-2? I am very impressed with the reviews. But what I found out is that if you take an Olympus PEN PM2 with a 14 or 20 mm prime, it's the same darn size! So I think I can do WITHOUT the XZ-2 because obviously the PM2 beats it IQ-wise, is the same size, and even has a 14-42mm (28-84 equiv) pancake available for it.

Sony bought a bunch of Olympus, and now Olympus is using Sony sensors. The sensor in the XZ-2 looks to be top-rate. I imagine it is a fine camera. Yes, it is too big for me too.

Oh! You might find this interesting. I "upgraded" from the F30 to the F200EXR. More enjoyable camera to use with IS, SD, and the 28 mm wide angle, but I'd say the F30 was at least two stops better. Plus the lens was sharper. In fact, I don't even know if the s90 or s110 has a lens that can compete. What do you think?

If my F30 has IS I would have used it at least two years longer. Focused fast, lovely colors, very nice lens, good to ISO 800. What's not to like? It was way ahead of its time.

I know you like you're Sony, but I just don't like that camera. It was on my shopping list when I heard of its existence, but I watched a review and wasn't impressed. That said, I know it's on par with say, the XZ-2, better in some situations worse in others; as with every comparison ever!

I do like it. I had to spend about three hours customizing it before I liked the controls (the S90 was better that way). It focuses fast and the image remains surprisingly good to ISO3200. The built-in HDR works better than you might expect. That said if the XZ-1 was already out I might have picked it instead. If it has a Dxomark of 46 - 50 that is good enough for me (based on my S90 experience). I have already dropped my RX100, so cheaper means less to break!

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