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Re: R3000 Maintenance Tank?

Petruska wrote:

Santelia wrote:

Joe and Bob,

The printer is at the service place waiting for my decision as to what to do, the conclusion from the tech and epson is that when nozzles fail to stop releasing ink when they are supposed to then it's a problem with the print head. I did try printing from a different program; cs6 and still the same problem. The lack of use resulting in these type of situations seems to contribute to problems with the print head at least that's what the tech told me and I really have no way to determine either way. The tech replicated what I had seen, first print would leave marks and then a couple of prints after that no marks, it's like an intermittent problem which also makes them conclude it's the print head. I read the comments about your 3880 going a month without printing but that still you would do a weekly check seems to be a good way of keeping the printer in shape as opposed to just not doing anything at all which may create printing problems. The printer is available now with a rebate of $150 bringing the cost to $639 but still that would be $239 more than if I were to fix, it will take about 3 weeks from the date is shipped to Epson for the repair as they have to do it due to restrictions in place by Epson. Thanks again for feedback.

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Sounds like you did everything possible, and the tech replicated the probelm. As you stated the printer is basically new, the fix is cheaper than buying a new one. As Joe stated run at least a nozzle check once a week and you should be good to go for a long time.

Joe, we need to study how these Piezo nozzles work, maybe when clogged they can not shut off properly? Santelia is saying the tech stated that the nozzles don't shut off when told to do so and with the pressurized ink it conintues to flow out the nozzles on its own intermittently.

Bob P.

I think you have expressed it as if I had been speaking to the tech. What I hope I can arrive at once the printer is back from repairs is the sweet spot between periods of non-use and actual printing so that I don't run into the same problem. Can you provide a detail workflow for weekly maintenance. Thank you again and specially for helping me arrive at my decision.

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