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Re: Legacy telephoto fo MEX

BobK77 wrote:

Sorry for repeating the thread - I am going to be more specific this time

I am looking a fast legacy lens capable of taking pics at the skating rink (figure skating and hockey)
I am fine with manual focusing. Lens should be in 105 - 135 in 35mm.
Basically I am looking for lens with long DoF (not shallow)

This may be your best choice, if you can find one at a reasonable price.

The Minolta MD 85mm f2


- quote from Anders W:

"Apart from the MD 50/1.4, I can also recommend the MD 85/2, which according to "Rokkor Files" is the best of the manual-focus Minolta 85s. It is quite useable already wide open, where it is considerably better than the 50/1.4 wide open and more or less on a par with the 50/1.4 when the latter is stopped down to f/2. With both lenses at f/2, the 85 is somewhat inferior in the center but better in the corners. At the same aperture (f/2), overall contrast is perhaps slightly better with the 50 than the 85 but I'd say the 85 is still unusually well behaved. Another advantage of this particular 85 is that it is unusually small and light in comparison with other reasonably fast legacy 85s: Only 54 mm long and with a weight of approximately 280 g."

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