Anyone tried the 'radio telescope array' approach to shallow depth-of-field?

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Re: Anyone tried the 'radio telescope array' approach to shallow depth-of-field?

Your attempt gave an interesting result, indeed perhaps artistic.  If less DOF is what you want, then the other poster is correct, you want to use the "Brenzier method" or bokeh panorama.  I really don't care for either name to be honest.

In any case, here are some examples that show the effect.  The first one is a single shot at  ~100mm focal length on a 1.5x crop camera, or 150mm ~F8 if I remember.  EXIF info is missing for aperture and FL because I am using a Canon lens on a Sony camera using an adapter.

The next one was a panorama composite of about 12 frames shot at ~250mm on the same lens, same aperture.

The resolution of the raw tif original viewed on my monitor is phenomenal...  I can read all the lettering on the tires.  The relative size of the CA is less and the inherent softness of the lens is masked, making for a very detailed final image, not to mention the reduced DOF.

Effect of reduced DOF would be more pronounced with a decent fast lens.  Although you might be able to see that in the first picture the rear tire is sharp and in the second, it's OOF.

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