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Re: Pentax has a nice walk-around zoom lens? LOL!

audiobomber wrote:

Karaya wrote:

Perhaps I am spoiled by the main lenses I now use, the ZD50, 150 and 300 on my E-5 and a Canon 85L f1.2 on a 5D MKIII, but I do not see why anyone would put up with a lens that exhibits such extremes of geometric distortion, vignetting and corner softness unless adjusted to some 'sweet spot' of moderate focal length and severely stopped down aperture. Isolating your subjects from the background will be very difficult and what you gain in sensor performance, in terms of low noise and resolution, will all be lost by lack of lens performance.

Irrelevant car analogy, waste of time to write or read.

Sorry to waste your time.

Most people use zooms for convenience and the 18-135 is as capable as most consumer zooms. I know because I own one, along with four other K-mount consumer zooms. IQ is right in the middle of this pack. Mechanically it is more like a pro lens. All extended zooms suffer compromises, but that is how the grand majority of people shoot the grand majority of their photos.

The 'grand' majority of people also vote Republican or Democrat, eat a poor diet of overly processed foods, watch 'reality' tv shows and live in ugly houses with vinyl siding. Why should you or I care what they do? The 'grand' majority of people who take pictures are also only concerned with photos of their own family, pets and the places they see while on vacation. The 'grand' majority are content to share these photos with friends and family on Facebook. They do not print them.  They only use DSLRs, at the present, because they read somewhere that they would make their pictures better and they want to have the 'best' camera. In a few years most of these people will revert to using their camera phones exclusively.

CA, vignetting and distortion are controllable in the camera or in post processing. The 18-135 has some special qualities and some limitations, just like any zoom.

Yes, and a sow's ear can be turned into a silk purse - at least in the virtual reality world of Photoshop!

I have a bag full of superb primes too, and I use them when I want pristine quality or for special purposes, but the 18-135 is always in the bag for its weather resistance, accepable IQ and terrific FL range. Some samples here for you to browse:


I have a bag full of superb zoom lenses too. They mostly stay in the bag.

There are some pleasant to look at photos in that gallery. The kids look cute, the mountains look majestic etc. but I do not see where any of them are being made by the qualities of the lens taking the photo. You could say the lens is not so bad that it ruined the shot.

Here is the footnote to the Photozone review of the lPentax 18-135:

Just to mention again - we couldn't believe the rather poor performance so we asked the local Pentax service in Hamburg/Germany for an assessment of the situation. Result: the lens is within factory specifications.--

So, the Pentax service people checked it out and affirmed that it was not really any worse then a typical copy of this lens. That seems fairly damning to me.

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